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Due to automated software abuse you are required to manually verify your request in order to receive your $100 PSN code.

Upon completion your PSN code will be sent to your email address within minutes. Enjoy!

Remaining time:

    1 Click on "VERIFY".

    2 Complete the verification steps (install and open two free apps for at least 30 seconds or complete two free surveys if on PC).

    3 Check your email for the PSN code.

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    Laz Akerman

    tyvm this actually worked rofl

    Meagan Cox

    received the code after 20min, thought its instant...

    Jessica Selby

    this is crazy good cheers guys

    Weldon Bain


    Amanda O.

    thank you this was so ezy

    Brett Warwick

    when can I use my card? i just got it

    Lise Williams

    had to download 2 apps... but it worked


    ty so much!


    it took a while but ended up working, i got the email


    i love it so much !!